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Be Insured

Luke Mardigian | Host

Luke Mardigian shares his expansive knowledge of insurance issues and considerations every week to help you as a consumer make informed decisions.



“Be Insured” is a show where Luke Mardigian, owner of The Mardigian Insurance Agency of Farm Bureau Insurance, and his guests discuss a variety of topics related to insurance, business, and leadership so you can stay protected while growing a thriving business! Each week, Luke is bringing you insider strategies, honest conversations, and tangible tips to help you navigate the world of insurance and entrepreneurship BETTER!

Need to sit down with Luke to discuss your insurance needs? Send him a Facebook message to schedule a FREE insurance review!

This SPOTLIGHT Podcast is featured as the last segment on Business Rap every Monday at 9am on the SPOTLIGHT Radio Network. You can also watch production live on Facebook, or listen on demand on your favorite podcast platforms including: Spreaker, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Meet Luke

Owner of the Mardigan Agency of Farm Bureau Insurance.
As a Farm Bureau agent, I help business owners and clients who are:

sick of over paying for workers compensation insurance
tired of being confused by insurance
fed up with insurance costs going up every six months and not knowing why
sick of calling 1-800 numbers and never getting called back
This describes most clients who work with me. If this is you, let’s create a plan that protects you, your family, you business, and the things you care most about.
I am a licensed, multi-line insurance agent, which means I can meet all your insurance needs. With me as your agent, you can make just one phone call and I’ll handle your entire insurance program.

I’ve made a commitment to serve the local community and I’ve made a commitment to always increase my professional knowledge so that I can better serve my clients..

I’m proud of my involvement in continuing education. It’s part of my overall commitment to provide the best possible insurance service to you, your family, and your community.