Finish the Game

Mike Griffith & Doug Warren | Co-Hosts

Mike Griffith and Doug Warren take a weekly look into all the stories and news that surround the national college football scene.

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Finish The Game covers the world of college football – the rivalries, comebacks, collapses, big plays, players, coaches, polls, and most of all, tradition. Co-hosts, Mike Griffith and Doug Warren, along with their guests, recap all of the weekend’s action and preview the coming week’s games. In addition, the show chronicles the nation’s impact freshman in contention for the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) Shaun Alexander National Freshman Player of the Year Award.

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Meet Mike & Doug

Mike Griffith

Doug Warren
Doug is an avid reader and a terrible musician. Like many of his peers from the State of Michigan, he has the curse of being a Detroit Lions fan. He is a college football nut and Detroit Lions and NFL historian. Beyond college football he is always studying two topics. One, the history of the Detroit Lions. The second, the history of 20th and 21st century Detroit. Not only is Doug a co-host for Finish the Line, but is also the host for Lions Today and the producer for The Drive with Jack.