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Julie Mann | Host

Weekly discussions on all of the “people” issues that business owners (and employees) inevitably have to deal with in order to be successful professionally and personally.




Tune in as Julie Mann explores how we as humans use our resources to get work done. Weekly discussions on why work matters, what matters at work, and how this important and complex topic of human resource management helps all of us, personally or professionally, to optimize our relationships and maximize our resources.

This SPOTLIGHT Podcast is featured as the final segment on “Business Rap” every Tuesday at 9am on the SPOTLIGHT Radio Network. You can also watch production live on Facebook or listen on demand on your favorite podcast platforms including: Spreaker, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

Meet Julie

With more than 30 years of Human Resources experience — and many credentials including a master’s degree in human relations from Loyola University Chicago — not only is Julie considered an expert in the HR field, you will quickly hear on her show that Julie really loves this “HR, let’s make work matter stuff.” Having worked for both large companies and at consulting firms, Julie has spent her time working with companies of various sizes on their human resources and “people practices.”

In addition to Julie’s podcast, she is a frequently published author and speaker on HR topics and shares people practice knowledge with businesses to help drive organizations.As a mother of four boys, Julie is just a big kid herself! She loves watching her boys play their favorite sport, lacrosse, (and for real fun) you will find her and her boys snowboarding, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking!